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In town


A brief presentation of London for English learners. Level A2. After watching the video you have a quiz about it. There is also a Jeopardy game.

London Quiz:

1. What is the name of the river that London sits along?

a. Seine River
b. River Thames
c. Amazon River
d. Nile River

2. Which famous London landmark situated on the river Thames?

a. Big Eye
b. London Bridge
c. Tower of London
d. Big Ben

3. Where does the Changing of the Guard ceremony take place?

a. Tower of London
b. London Eye
c. Buckingham Palace
d. Covent Garden

4. Which historic London castle used to serve as a royal residence and later as a prison?

a. Buckingham Palace
b. Kensington Palace
c. Tower of London
d. Windsor Castle

5. What are the Yeoman Warders at the Tower of London commonly known as?

a. Beefeaters
b. Ravens
c. Guardsmen
d. Knights

6. Which district in London is known for its shopping, dining, and street artists?

a. Covent Garden
b. Camden Market
c. Borough Market
d. Oxford Street

7. Which mode of transportation is known as the London Underground?

a. Buses
b. Taxis
c. Trains
d. Tube

8. What is a unique feature of the buses in London?

a. They are purple
b. They are electric
c. They are double deckers
d. They are convertible

9. Which of the following museums in London has free entrance?

a. British Museum
b. Natural History Museum
c. Science Museum
d. All of the above

10. What makes London a vibrant and exciting place to live or visit?

a. Its quiet atmosphere
b. Its rural surroundings
c. Its lack of cultural diversity
d. Its buzzing energy

Jeopardy Game (you are allowed to use the internet for answering the questions:

London Review Game (

More resources:


Christmas vocabulary, songs and activities for elementary students.

Christmas de Diana Ienei
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Have you got a pet? Here are a few to choose from!

PETS de Diana Ienei

Adjectives -ed / -ing

Adjectives -ed / -ing – rules and exercises for A2-B2 levels. The video includes Romanian explanations.

  • Note – the presentation works properly only on a big screen.
* Adjectives -ed -ing de Diana Ienei


Asking for and giving directions in English. The materials include useful vocabulary as well as exercises.

Note – the presentation only works properly on a big screen.

DIRECTIONS de Diana Ienei

Ice breakers

80 ice breaker questions for getting students to talk. Ice breakers are a fun way to make students feel comfortable and engage in conversation.

Back to school REVIEW

Back to school review for grades 2nd-8th.

Note – the presentations work properly only on big screens.


Practise your English with this lesson about summer:

  • vocabulary
  • reading
  • speaking
  • writing



Vara de Diana Ienei

School – level 1

Basic words related to School for very young learners.