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Christmas vocabulary, songs and activities for elementary students.

Christmas de Diana Ienei
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Have you got a pet? Here are a few to choose from!

PETS de Diana Ienei

Adjectives -ed / -ing

Adjectives -ed / -ing – rules and exercises for A2-B2 levels. The video includes Romanian explanations.

  • Note – the presentation works properly only on a big screen.
* Adjectives -ed -ing de Diana Ienei


Asking for and giving directions in English. The materials include useful vocabulary as well as exercises.

Note – the presentation only works properly on a big screen.

DIRECTIONS de Diana Ienei

Ice breakers

80 ice breaker questions for getting students to talk. Ice breakers are a fun way to make students feel comfortable and engage in conversation.

Back to school REVIEW

Back to school review for grades 2nd-8th.

Note – the presentations work properly only on big screens.


Practise your English with this lesson about summer:

  • vocabulary
  • reading
  • speaking
  • writing



Vara de Diana Ienei

School – level 1

Basic words related to School for very young learners.


Lecția 33 – Summer

Vocabulary, reading, writing and speaking activities related to summer #ESL level A1-B1

– watch the video for a solution to this exercise