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The plural of nouns

The plurals – basic rules for beginners. Theory and exercises for learning and practising the plural in English.

The plural of nouns

The plural of nouns – theory and exercises for beginners.

More practice:

Give the plural form for the following nouns:

  1. house
  2. mouse
  3. fox
  4. wolf
  5. life
  6. baby
  7. child
  8. man
  9. woman
  10. pencil
  11. tomato
  12. photo
  13. day
  14. toy
  15. blueberry

Complete the following sentences with: cars, cherries, knives, monkeys, people

  1. There are many ___in the bus.
  2. I can see ___ at the zoo.
  3. We can eat ___ in summer.
  4. There are two ___ on the table.
  5. There are many ___ in the street.

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