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Adjectives – introduction

A lesson about adjectives for beginners. The video includes Romanian explanations while the presentation is only in English.

*Note: the presentation works better on a big screen.

*Adjectives – introduction de Diana Ienei

*Adjectives – introduction de Diana Ienei

Lecția 33 – Summer

Vocabulary, reading, writing and speaking activities related to summer #ESL level A1-B1

– watch the video for a solution to this exercise

Lectia 32 – Easter

Easter vocabulary, reading, writing and speaking practice

Lecția 31 – Spring

Spring – vocabulary, reading, speaking and writing practice. Bonus! Insects and flowers!

Lectia 29 – Past simple – all forms

Learn and practise all the forms for the past tense simple: affirmative, interrogative and negative. Explanations and exercises!

Past simple

Lectia 26 – Irregular verbs 10

Lectia 27 – Irregular verbs 11

Lectia 23 – Irregular verbs 7

Lectia 24 – Irregular verbs 8

Lectia 25 – Irregular verbs 9