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School – level 1

Basic words related to School for very young learners.


Lecția 33 – Summer

Vocabulary, reading, writing and speaking activities related to summer #ESL level A1-B1

– watch the video for a solution to this exercise

Lectia 32 – Easter

Easter vocabulary, reading, writing and speaking practice

Lecția 31 – Spring

Spring – vocabulary, reading, speaking and writing practice. Bonus! Insects and flowers!

The elves and the shoemaker

All skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening in one lesson. New vocabulary and past simple practice.


Christmas vocabulary, reading and speaking activities.

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day – vocabulary, history, modern traditions, listening and reading practice


School things

Learn and practise vocabulary related to school objects and school subjects. Read the text My classroom and answer the questions. Speaking, reading and writing practice for levels A1, A2.